Corporate Profile 会社概要

Company Name PLEASURE Co.,Ltd.
Address 3-1-8 Iwamoto-cho,Chiyoda-ku,Tokyo 101-0032,Japan
Contact TEL : 03-3861-4603(Outside of Japan: +81-3-3861-4603)
E-mail :
Established June, 1995
Capital 10 million yen
Qualification general Type II telecommunications business
General worker dispatching business authorization [General 13-306685]
Paid employment placement business [13-ユ-310313]
Access Approx. 6-minute walk from Akihabara Station
Approx. 6-minute walk from Kanda Station
Approx. 3-minute walk from Iwamotocho Station

Activities 事業内容

Development, sales, operation and maintenance of company’s in-house development package commodity

  • 「e-Manager Vr.8」 ERP business management system for WEB
  • 「e-Manager Vr.7」 Sales management system for customizing type LAN
  • 「e-Manager asset management system」
    ・Customizing type WEB version asset management system
    ・Customizing type LAN version asset management system
  • Development and introduction support of GeneXus
  • Introduction support and operation support of open source ERP system (Adempiere)

System development
(entrusted development and business consignment development)

  • System development in open system
  • System development in WEB system
  • General purpose system development

ASP service of on-site type

  • I will construct the system individually in each user enterprise, and provide service by the monthly fee including the application and the operation service.

Compliance measures support

  • Protection of individual information consulting
    (privacy mark recognition acquisition support)
  • Information security consulting (ISO27001″ISMS” certification support)
  • Consulting of J‐SOX internal control

Hosting service

  • The Internet business (analysis, plan, composition, and part production)
  • Original domain acquisition and management
  • Web site creation (analysis, plan and composition)
  • Web search registration

System equipment sales

  • OA equipment, cut form, Printer articles of consumption, etc.
  • Network construction, server construction, various wiring work and installations of wireless LAN equipment
  • Various hardware software setting, operation, maintenance and supports

Achievement 主な開発実績

Distribution industry

  • For import firm receiving order sales stock control
  • For metallic trading company receiving order retail management
  • For apparel Sales stock control
  • For large-scale sale wholesale EOS receiving order retail management
  • For machine parts wholesale store POS management
  • For real estate lease management, etc.

Finance industry

  • Bond forward business system
  • Bond dealings system for securities exchange
  • Foreign bond system
  • Bank credit management system
  • Bank payment order(domestic/overseas)system
  • Deposits at bank (usually/regular/property accumulation)
  • Lease system for leasing industry, etc.

Manufacturing industry

  • For manufacturer of electric appliances receivables management
  • For manufacturer wholesale production retail management
  • For food manufacturer sales management
  • For food manufacturer combination inventory control
  • For real estate machine parts wholesale store POS management
  • For oil industry sales management, etc.


  • For government office cryptography system
  • For municipality resident information system
  • For municipality pension national health insurance information system
  • For communication business customer charge system
  • Ticket auction system
  • For Car company call center system, etc.